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How it all began…

It was sitting on it’s pedestal that was the old fax machine in the back of my dad’s office. I swear there was a light from heaven shining on it and as I got closer, I’m pretty certain I could hear a choir singing. It was a 35mm Minolta film camera. I must have been pretty persuasive, because I somehow convinced my dad to let that be my first camera at just twelve years old. There’s no way he could have known but in that moment he reset the trajectory of my life.

I declared myself a professional in 2010 during my senior year of college. I was graduating with a bachelors in accounting and in a strange turn of events, ended up becoming a CPA amidst growing my little business into a full time career. As curvy and bumpy as my journey has been, I believe that every single alternative route God has put me on has been purposeful. I believe that I am fulfilling the calling that He has on my life and am just so grateful to get to serve each and every one of my clients.

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