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Hey! I love it so much that you’re here! I am a Grand Rapids native, but now live in Lexington Kentucky! My philosophy is that I love REAL LOVE, not the staged and super mushy hallmark love.

I love when my husband randomly brings me an iced coffee, the sleep overs in our living room that end up with us in bed instead of the couch, and the last minute emergency dog baths because we thought the backyard wasn’t muddy. I love the small intimate moments that get overlooked the most, but that make your love story uniquely you guys.

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Allie VanNamen


Basically it’s a really large file that can be blown up to large sizes. This is perfect for prints!
Great question! Youtube or USB depending on what package.
That is up to you! Personally I think that it is something that is a great experience to have while you're engaged, and you'll be able to send out save the dates, invites, annnd post them all over social media. You are only engaged for a short amount of time, and having an engagement session is one of the things that you can enjoy throughout the planning process. Because let's face it, planning a wedding can be stressful, let's have some fun!
I shoot with two Canon R 6's and primes! I have a camera holster so that I am able to have two lenses and bodies on me at all times to make sure I can get all the angles and don't have to worry about switching lenses. (and let's be honest it makes me feel and look cool)
Yessir! I normally ask for 50% down at the time of booking and the other 50% on your wedding day. But I offer 25% and 33% deposits/ payment plans as well.



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