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About Alicja and Scout

With over 17 years of combined experience, we are passionate about capturing every moment, big and small. We don’t direct weddings, we capture them. We give you gentle direction to make you feel confident in front of the camera and we love to see the day’s emotions, smiles, and tears play out naturally.

We want to get to know you as a couple and how you interact with one another. Being in front of the camera can make people feel uncomfortable, so we strive to become your friends before we are your wedding vendors in order to create the most natural photos and videos of your wedding. We want to meet you because maybe we are perfect for you. But maybe we aren’t, and that’s okay. We truly believe you should connect with your photographer and videographer because they will be with you every minute of the biggest day of your life (so far!).

As for us? On a typical day, when we aren’t shooting, we live for day trips including hiking, seeing museums, heading to the coast, comedy shows, roller coasters, concerts, and fishing. On free weekends, you’ll rarely find us at home, but driving all over California and even hopping planes to other cities when we find a good deal on Kayak. We hold hands way too much and laugh until we cry. We love to cook together and go out dancing. Lazy days are rare in our house but consist of junk food and documentaries where Alicja falls asleep ten minutes in.

We are definitely yin and yang. Alicja is outgoing, bubbly, and a jokester, and Scout is reserved, thoughtful, and has way more chill than Alicja.

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