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Welcome. And congratulations on your engagement!

Getting married is one of life’s greatest adventures. Undoubtedly, as you begin to make preparations for your wedding, the ride has already begun! There are so many things to consider: Where will it be? Who will be on the guest list? What about the food, the flowers, the cake, the dress? Sometimes the ceremony itself can get lost in the shuffle.

But at the center of it all, the event that brings you from partners and best friends into marriage is the ceremony. It is the biggest reason for all the preparation and celebration!

Many of us have been to weddings where the ceremony was uninspired and sounded like something we’ve heard before. My goal is to create the opposite: a ceremony where you and your sweetheart walk away saying, “wow – that really felt like us” and your guests tell you it’s the best ceremony they’ve ever heard.

As a certified celebrant and ordained non-denominational minister, I will help you create a ceremony that truly reflects who you are as individuals and as a couple. From the first in-person meeting to subsequent conversations, I will take the time to get to know you and your story together – where you met, how you fell in love, what you love about each other. Rather than a cookie-cutter approach, I will include these touching elements in the ceremony so that the most important part of your big day is heartfelt and unique. So if you’re looking for a wedding that’s made for just the two of you, we’re a good match!

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