SilverFox Limos: 10 Questions with James Weymann

10 Questions with James Weymann

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10 Questions with James Weymann

1. Introduction: What's your story?

Hi, I'm James Weymann owner and founder of SilverFox Limos.

I started SilverFox back in 2004 when I love for this business began to grow and I was no longer happy with the way I saw other companies, including the one I had been driving for over 10 years was doing things. I wanted to take the customer experience to the next level and it seemed as if other companies were more and more getting less interested in providing that upper level of service to the event and wedding planners as well as the brides and her family.

So, I decided to start SilverFox with one stretch 14 pass. limo and it has now grown to over 30 vehicles which included: luxury sedans like the Genesis G80 and G90, Suburban LT , Escalade Limited ESV, Sprinter Vans and Limos, Ford Transit vans, as well as Luxury Mini Buses up to 35 pass passenger and last but not least my Party Bus for those extra fun groups and parties.

I take great pride in working on weddings myself even though the business has grown to where I have 5 ladies and men on phones. I still love working on weddings and making that day extra special and making sure that transportation becomes the least of their worries.

2. What type of vehicles do you offer? (Describe the types, sizes, capacity and colors)

Here is a list of the vehicles i currently have in my fleet, but know it's always changing and we try to keep vehicles as new as possible within 4 years or making them look new if they are not.:

4 passenger Genesis G80 and G90,

7 passenger. Suburban LT, 6 pass. Escalade ESV,

10-12 passenger. Mercedes Sprinter Limo and

12-15 passenger. Sprinter Limo XL,

14 passenger. Mercedes Sprinter Van ,

13 passenger Ford Transit Van,

20-24 passenger: Party Bus,

10 passenger: Stretch Chrysler 300 limo,

24, 32 and 35 pass. luxury mini buses for shuttles or trips out of town.

3. What amenities do your vehicles have (TV, bar, sunroof)? Will beverages/food be provided?

Our vehicles are always purchased with as much bells and whistles as available and are limo style vehicles are over the top. We have 4 vehicles that have the limo style interiors with colored LED lighting, strobes, laser lights, bluetooth sound systems and the works, all of which can be toned down for more casual events like funerals or older guest that don't like the vegas look. Our Sprinter Limo XL even has Direct and apple TV that you can watch while riding down the road.

4. How well in advance should couples book their wedding transportation?

When thinking about booking your wedding transportation. it's always best to do it as soon as your plans are firm especially if your wedding is in April, May or October which are extremely busy and we can sell out 6 months in advance. the specialty vehicles like the G90, Sprinter limo XL, Sprinter Van can sell out 9 months in advance but most the other vehicles we don't see getting booked more than 3-4 months in advance. sooner is always better to make sure you have all you need. Of Course Saturdays are the busiest for weddings but in 2021 we have seen Friday's and Sundays busy also as venue's are booked out due to make up weddings from 2020. you can book with SilverFox 24/7 but if you need a wedding specialist it's best to call the office at 704-622-9944 and ask for James or Nia.

5. How much does it cost to book your services? What is the hire price for each of your vehicles?

When it comes to booking your vehicles, Prices can vary depending on the time of the year, date, morning or evening as well as number of hours you book or number of vehicles you book. So, it's always best if you have a need for your wedding to email us what you need with the date, times and vehicle requested so that we can give you the best prices possible. there really is no set standard rates other than what is on our website but those are just starting points and prices may vary. North Carolina does not allow us to stock vehicles with alcoholic beverages but you can bring your beer , wine or Champagne which is legal in a limo. During covid we are following CDC guidelines and do not offer any waters in the vehicle at this time. 3/21

6. What do you recommend for timing? (How long does a service last?)

When booking your vehicle, all the smaller vehicles like suv's and sedans can be booked for 1 hour but most of the larger vehicles must be booked anywhere from 3-5 hours based to the date. There are always exceptions to the rules and depending on the dates and relationship with us we always try to accommodate to best fit your budget.

7. Are the chauffeurs professionally hired and then trained?

All of our chauffeurs are required to have had at least 2 years experience working for another transportation company in Charlotte, lived in Charlotte a minimum of 10 years and have their PVH permit issued by the city of Charlotte. we do not for the most part hire new drivers from beginning of the career in this business. once we decide to hire them, then we put them on a 7 day training program and 60 day trial period where we send questionnaires to their rides for feedback. They are back ground check through the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police who also run an full FBI background check on them and they are entered into a random drug and alcohol test pool to make sure they are always clean. we follow all DOT compliance Hours of duty rules and regulations.

8. What does the driver wear on the wedding day?

On your wedding day you can be sure that all our chauffeurs, male or female, will be dress in a black suit, with black vest, white shirt and black tie. they are must wear black shoes and all must match. They will look very sharp and you will know they are your chauffeur.

9. What are the back-up options if a vehicle breaks down on the day of the wedding?

I the case of a vehicle break down which has only happened twice in our 16 years, we do have a staff member that is always on duty to send a relief vehicle to the broken down vehicle. we have a relationship with Hunter Wrecker in case the vehicle needs towed as well as a 24 hour mechanic that can come out and try to get the vehicle back up and running that day/night. we also have great relationship with our local competitors that we can call in the case we need them to bail us out or they need us to bail them out. we are family in this industry but competitive but always willing to help at minimal cost.

10. What are your cancellation and refund policies?

When you book your vehicle for 3 hours or more a $150 deposit is required for smaller vehicles and $200 for sprinters, party buses, and mini buses. the sedans and suv's do NOT require a deposit unless booked for 3 hours or more. deposits are non refundable but if we can rebook the vehicle for the same date and time then we refund the full amount.



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