Louisville Horse Carriage: 10 Questions with Anna Morris

10 Questions with Anna Morris

Louisville Horse Carriage

Transportation - Anna Morris

10 Questions with Anna Morris

1. Introduction: What's your story?

HI my name is Anna Morris better known as Marie and I own and operate Louisville Horse Carriage in Louisville KY. I started years ago working for the pervious owners and ended up buying the business. The horses bring so much joy to people and I did not want the business to die out. It adds a uniqueness to any event from the beginning of a new journey or even it being the final ride at the end of someone's loved one life. We add your choice of colors etc to your carriage of choice to give you a more personal and detailed event. We travel out for events and also do weddings in the downtown Louisville are. We have several carriages and horses to choose from. Our Cinderella carriage is popular for weddings but brides can pick any of the others to match their style and or theme. We do our best to work and make your special day truly special and one to remember! If we can be of service to you and if you have questions feel free to call us at 502-581-0100 and we will do our best to help. Thank you so much and hope to talk to you soon!

2. What type of vehicles do you offer? (Describe the types, sizes, capacity and colors)

We have carriages that hold 4 passengers up to 12. We have the Cinderella and also a open sleigh for winter events that can travel on pavement so no snow needed. We have white/and blue carriages or white/maroon that can hold 4 to 8 at a time. Our 2 limos have 3 seats and hold 9 to 10 comfortably and are blue/tan and emerald/tan.

3. What amenities do your vehicles have (TV, bar, sunroof)? Will beverages/food be provided?

All of our carriages except the Cinderella and sleigh have tops that can be put up. We can not personally sell wine etc but you are alllowed to bring it and enjoy a glass on your ride as well as cheese etc

4. How well in advance should couples book their wedding transportation?

With the summer months usually a couple of weeks out depending on carriage choice or location we can get you on our schedule. The summer months of June and September are busy so plan ahead is a good idea.

5. How much does it cost to book your services? What is the hire price for each of your vehicles?

Our downtown weddings start at 150.00 and if we transport to your location weddings start at 400.00 depending on travel time and amount of time we stay. We allow 2 hours for the wedding and photos etc

6. What do you recommend for timing? (How long does a service last?)

We usually are there 2 hours or a little less.

7. Are the chauffeurs professionally hired and then trained?

All of our drivers are licensed and have been thru training and are courteous and very capable of handling our horses and carriages.

8. What does the driver wear on the wedding day?

We wear black pants and white tux shirts and vests with or without the jackets and top hats can also be added. Some of our weddings have requested jeans etc for a more laid back look. We can go with any theme needed.

9. What are the back-up options if a vehicle breaks down on the day of the wedding?

If you book the Cinderella and it looks like rain any other carriage can be used or if weather is horrible refunds will be issued.

10. What are your cancellation and refund policies?

We ask for a weeks notice on cancellations and then a refund is given minus 5 percent if its after that. We understand issues can come up.



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