10 Questions with Patrice Armstrong

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10 Questions with Patrice Armstrong

1. Introduction: What's your story?

Hey Y'all! My name is Patrice Armstrong, I am the owner and lead planner of PLS Coordinate. I am a Nashville native who decided to head west to Los Angeles to work in a career as a television producer and along the way, I fell in love with weddings. I am very organized and love attention to detail and you can say I'm pretty quick on my feet. So, when I left LA and came back to Nashville those skills helped me go from TV producing into wedding producing, well you call it planning. When I'm not creating wedding day magic for brides, I love enjoying family time. But my favorite past time is long walks down the Target dollar section while sipping on an almond milk vanilla latte with toffeenut.

2. What's your experience as a wedding planner? How many weddings have you planned?

Well, I have always been the planner of my family group. So, I turned my passion for planning, organizing and details into a career. I truly love and enjoy helping people. And weddings give me the opportunity to experience a love people truly have for each other. I mean I get to help display love. Who wouldn't want to do that. So, I started my career part time as just a coordinator and then as business grew I went full time as a wedding coordinator. Somewhere along the way more planning opportunities happened and now we are a full planning and coordination company with 6 employees. I am blessed to say we will be going into year 6 of being in the wedding industry.

3. What sorts of services do you offer (month-of coordination, full-service planning, or à la carte planning)?

We offer a variety of services which appeals to various brides. Some of the services include:
Full Service Planning- For the bride that knows what she wants, but doesn’t have the time to do it all, the Full Planning PLS Package is made for you! We work together to design, create and execute the wedding you have dreamed about. With our full planning package, you can decide how involved you would like to be in the planning process.

Partial Planning- Perhaps you have already secured your ceremony and reception venues but you need some help finding your other wedding vendors. Or maybe your Pinterest board is full of planning and decor ideas, but you just need professional guidance on making it all come together. Some brides need a little more D in their DIY. Some brides need more than just a “day of” wedding coordinator, but not quite a full wedding planner.

Coordination ( day of, month of)- Our Wedding Coordination packages are custom-made with our DIY Brides in mind. With your wedding planning in full swing, PLS Coordinate will make sure that your wedding day is perfectly fabulous and exactly as YOU have planned it to be.

Various A la Carte Options

4. How do payments work (a percentage of the wedding budget, a flat fee etc.)? What are the different packages that you offer and which one is your most popular package?

Our goal is to not break the bank but to be reasonable. Because we offer various packages our prices are a big range. You can expect to pay anywhere between $1000 - $5000. With the Average bride spending $2500 and thats our partial planning package.

5. Who else is in your team and how many people on your staff will be at the wedding?

We have a team of 6 people. On your average wedding day you can expect 2-3 people per day. This will include 1 lead planner and at least one assistant.

6. What happens if you're sick or otherwise unable to be there on the day of the wedding?

If you will read our reviews you will notice we have some AMAZING lead planner on our team. So, if you don't get me personally you will still get a rock star planner that will make your day stress free and flow seamless.

7. How many meetings will you have with the couple and how will they be involved?

During this process expect to get someone that is going to hold your hand and be your wedding day BFF.

We know how important it is to have your wedding planned without worrying about the tiny details. This is why all our packages include complete vendor management, so the only decisions you ever need to make is saying "Yes" or "No". We take care of the services, contracts and we could handle payments for you but that will be your choice . We will require a credit just for this case

We are different from other event planning companies in that we provide support where you need it most, as we realize that all our client's are different. For example, if you are a non-traditional couple and your focus is getting the best Instagram worthy photos, we will ensure that we work with a photographer who is less focused on getting the traditional shots, but who will go the extra step to get you those instagrammable photos.

You can feel free to ask any of our past brides and Learn we always have a few tricks up our sleeves. Our goal is to make all of your dreams and wishes come true no matter what efforts it takes to make it happen. I have flown out of state to get the right tablecloths. We go the extra mile no matter what.

8. Will you handle the invitations, from wording and ordering to the addressing and mailing? What about guest list coordination and RSVPs?

Wedding Invitations is an added on service. We can either be hands on or hands off depending on your needs.

9. Do you handle rentals? Will you coordinate delivery, arrival and set up times with the photographer, the florist, the musicians and the caterer/banquet manager?

Rentals and Vendor Coordination we got that in the bag. We love this part. We handle all the logistics of your day. We make sure we are getting rentals at a great price. We will help with design and then get the rentals that match what we need. We create amazing detailed timelines which will help with the management of all vendors.

10. Can you create a timeline that tells everyone involved in the planning process (other pros, members of the wedding party, to-be-weds and families) what to do and when to do it? How will you make sure everyone sticks to the schedule?

Timelines are the blue print of the wedding day. It is the day on a sheet of paper. We make sure we include all needed information, details, wants, and needs in the timeline. We try to make sure that if someone picked up our timeline off the street they could know exactly what is happening when, where, why, and who.



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