10 Questions with Amy Wikstrom

WeddingRule Interviewed one of the most experienced and highly sought-after wedding officiants in Colorado, Amy Wikstrom of Love Matters Wedding Officiants. Colorado Springs based Amy is the founder and owner of Love Matters Wedding Officiants..

Love Matters Wedding Officiants

Officiant - Amy Wikstrom

10 Questions with Amy Wikstrom
  • Business: Love Matters Wedding Officiants
  • Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado CO
  • Experience: 10 Years
  • Website: www.lmwo.me

1. Introduction: What's your story?

Hi my name is Amy Wikstrom. I am the founder of Love Matters Wedding Officiants. I decided to have a group of Wedding Officiants that will carry the mission to love without judgement. To celebrate the magic of love.
A few things about me: I love to laugh and make the people around me laugh too. Sometimes I can be a little loud, but is because I have a lot of energy!

Yo soy originalmente de la bella Isla de Puerto Rico. Mi primer idioma es Español y me encanta poder celebrar con mis parejas my cultura y mi pasion por las ceremonias. Una de nuestras oficiantes es Norely Contreras. Ella es de Venezuela. Norely es una persona con un corazon de oro y un conocimiento impresionante.

Our group is just amazing, Linsey Moser has been in ministry for over a decade, helping couples through premarital counseling and marriage counseling. She is also an accomplished English writer! That is really helpful when you are trying to write a script. Cathy Kusman is so much fun, sweet and caring. She is a life coach, family and youth minister, photographer, officiant, photographer (She is Wonder Woman)

We are so excited to work together. We are excited to help our couples. Our couples as just amazing, loving, enthusiastic, easy going, communicative and fun!

2. What's your experience as a wedding officiant? How many weddings have your officiated?

We have over 109 wedding ceremonies and counting. From elopement, vow renewal and bid wedding ceremonies all across the Centennial State.
As you see in our profile we are brand new group. Yes! I know, we are not the veterans that have been doing this for ages. I see that as an opportunity, we are different, we are fun and we want you to feel super special. Love Matters Wedding Officiants was founded on September 2020, between all of us we have officiated 20 weddings in just 5 months! The great thing of having more than one amazing officiant is that you will be taking care of, always!

3. How far in advance do couples need to secure your services?

We are very flexible when it comes to booking ceremonies. We prefer to have at least 6 weeks in advance, but sometimes life happens and we help you to fast track to get you a beautiful ceremony. In a perfect world, we would love to be booked at least 2 months in advance.

4. How would you describe your officiant style?

We have 4 awesome officiants, we are all a bit different. In general, our style is fun, romantic and engaging. We want the couple to be front and center. We want to convey the message that you love each other and you want the world to know it. We want you to get to know us, be part of our circle.

5. What are your fees for officiating a wedding?

Open Communication Always!

Ceremony Fees

Our fees are standard - We personalize your ceremony to be what you want, help you through the process, help you find information and vendors. We are here to listen to you and have fun planning and creating a wonderful ceremony experience.

Elopement - Just the two of you in a beautiful spot in Colorful Colorado - $300.00
Wedding Ceremony - As big of a wedding as you wish to celebrate with family and loved ones - $400.00

Additional Fees
Weddings in Spanish and English is just only $75.00 additional
Wedding Rehearsals at the location of your choosing - $75.00 additional

Elopement and Photography packages starting at $600.00
Wedding Officiant Services and Wedding Photography packages starting at $800.00

Other services upon request

6. What do you wear when you officiate a wedding?

We ask our couples what they want us to wear. Just let us know what is your preference, as long as it is in good taste.

7. How many pre-wedding sessions will the couple need to have with you?

As many as you need. Usually we meet virtually 3 times and email constantly. Text is great too!

8. Will you be able to create a personalized ceremony?

Yes! We want to tell your story. Just tell us! and Yes! We personalize the rituals as well. We offer many options and ideas. We create a vision board with you and your partner to make sure what you are going to hear in your ceremony is exactly what you wanted.

9. Are you available to travel if needed?

We travel throughout Colorado. If the drive is more than 6 hours roundtrip, we ask for the couple to pay for the lodging and travel expenses. We will travel to any destination - Specially Hawaii! (That would be nice!)

10. What is your cancellation and/or refund policy?

We require a refundable deposit of $75.00 to secure the date and time of the ceremony and rehearsal, with a cancellation of at least 7 days in advance. The full balance is due 7 days prior to the event.


If there is a serious medical emergency, or any other emergency outside the control of the couple, we first offer to reschedule the ceremony. If that is not possible, we refund the ENTIRE amount.

We believe in doing what is right ALWAYS!



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