10 Questions with Pearl Espinoza

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10 Questions with Pearl Espinoza

1. Introduction: What's your story?

Hi I'm Pearl Espinoza, founder of Pearls Makeup. I have always had a passion for makeup and how it can make someone feel. I started my career in makeup a little later in life, I was a paralegal for 10 years before I realized I could have a real career being a makeup artist. Makeup changed my life for the better. I have been able to be home with my children and watch them grow up and experience life with them while growing my business.

I have been a makeup artist in Arizona for the past 10 years. When I started in makeup, I worked mainly with Brides for the first 2 years. I then stepped away to work in the fashion world. I have been signed with Ford as a makeup artist for the past 3 years. During my career with fashion I felt like something was missing. I realized how much I missed working with Brides. I found a way to work with both Brides and in the fashion industry. Brides have a special place in my heart and I love being there for them on their special day.

2. What's your experience as a bridal hair & makeup artist? How many brides are in there in your portfolio?

I went to school for esthetics to become a makeup artist and traveled to Los Angelos to take makeup classes. After 2 months of finishing school, I had my first wedding and I fall in love with Brides and weddings. Hair came a few years later. I had a Bride call me on my way to do her makeup asking if I could help her with her wedding hair because her hair stylist wasn't able to make it. I felt like I didn't have much of a choice and just went with the flow of things. From that point on I have practiced styling hair and I am continuing to work on that craft.

I have about 100 Brides in my portfolio. I am always updating my portfolio with new Brides.

3. What are the different packages that you offer and which one is your most popular package?

I have a few different Makeup Packages for Brides to choose from.
I have al a carte for Brides that are eloping or having smaller weddings. I have a package for Brides that want a more luxury experience with someone their to touch them up throughout the evening. I have something for everyone that is looking for a makeup artist. For the Al A Carte Bride, it includes the trial/preview and day of wedding makeup. The Luminous Bridal Package includes the trial/preview, day of wedding makeup, up to 7 persons getting makeup services and touch ups until 9p.m.

I would say the most popular package is The Radiant Bridal Package, it includes the trial/preview, day of wedding makeup, 5 persons getting makeup services and for me to stay up to 4 hour for touch ups throughout first looks and right before walking down the aisle.

4. Do you have a team of assistants or will you be the only artist that day? What will happen if you're sick or have an emergency on the wedding day?

All weddings of 5 persons or more that are getting services require an assistant. I have an assistant that I have personally trained and she knows my style and understands my client's style. She has been with me for the past 2 years and she's absolutely amazing.

I have never missed a wedding yet and I honestly do not plan on missing one however if something was to happen I take notes at the trial/preview and my assistant would be able to step in if she had too.

5. Do you charge a travel fee? For what distance? What does that cover?

I only charge a travel fee if the destination is over 25 miles from the zip code of 85224. The travel fee would change depending on location and if I need a hotel room or a flight to the destination.

6. Can the bride book a wedding makeup trial appointment and will you also do a trial before the wedding?

Brides can book a makeup trial/preview with me. At that time we go over looks that she's interested in for the wedding and maybe try something new if she is up for it. The Trial/Preview is a very special time for the Bride and myself to connect and get to know each other. Trials/Previews are about 2 hours long and I make sure that the Bride loves her look before I even think about packing and leaving.

7. What beauty products do you use and would you be open to the bride using her own make-up?

I use lots of long lasting and high end makeup that is disinfected and sanitized. I do not recommend Brides using their own makeup however I understand that certain Brides have allergies and skin conditions so it is on a per case situation. I have tried so many different makeup brands and types I feel pretty confident I know what will work best on each Bride according to their needs and wants.

8. How can you make the bride's wedding makeup last and look good in photos?

I prep the skin for the makeup to make sure the makeup has a great base to start with. I truly believe it is all about the skin and if you have great skin you can wear any kind of makeup on your skin without any issues.
During the trial/preview if there is problematic skin I do talk to my Bride about what she can do to improve the skin if needed. I recommend an aesthetician if needed so the Bride can get her ideal skin and results.

I always test the makeup on myself before I add it to my kit. I have to make sure the makeup is long lasting and doesn't separate. I use the makeup for about a month before I decide if I love it or not. I do have some makeup that I truly love and will not take out of my kit and will always continue to purchase.

9. How long will makeup take on the day and how long will you be staying for on the day?

It takes about 1 hour the day of the wedding for the Bride. I take a little bit more time with the Bride and I do not rush anything just in case we want to make any changes. Makeup should last no less than 8 hours. Of course if someone has oily skin they would need to be blotted/powdered throughout the day. I stay until I am done with the last client unless the Bride wants to have me stay for touch ups.

10. What is your cancellation and/or refund policy?

There are no refunds on the booking fee. If a Bride has to reschedule her wedding and depending on the reason the booking fee can be moved to another day if it's available. Cancellations can be made up to 12 months before the wedding date without any additional fees however the booking fee is still non-refundable. If the cancelation happens 6 months before the wedding date then 50% of the total balance will be owed within 48 hours of the cancelation notice. Anything less than 6 months, then 100% of the balance will be owed within 48 hours of the cancelation notice.



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