10 Questions with Sara Andolsek

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10 Questions with Sara Andolsek

1. Introduction: What's your story?

I started Sara Mica Design 16 years ago in my grandmas garage, wow how things have changed. I always knew I was meant to do something creative, I went to school for photographer and that's how I got started in the wedding industry. I quickly fell into working with flowers and decided that was where I wanted to be.

Through my journey I learned that I would like to help everyone as best as I can, so I try to work with everyone's budget. Its been so fun and a great learning experience to meet the couples, the vendors and now that I have grown, the freelancers that help me. I learn so much from them as well.

2. What's your experience as a wedding florist business? How many weddings are in there in your portfolio?

I have hundreds maybe close to a 1000 weddings under my belt. I started with just me and my mom in the garage, now we have a studio in Englewood. My mom still works with me, my dad loves to help with deliveries and I've roped my boyfriend into the industry as well.

Each year I try and grow and take on more challenges. I'm a small company so I try and work within my limits to give everyone the right attention to detail. I am trying to include an apprentice now, I would like to get bigger and involve more creative people to help with Sara Mica Design.

3. How far in advance do couples need to secure your services?

Each year is always a little different of how fast I book, I would say about 9 months from your wedding date is good. September and October are prime season so those seem to go fast. Booking with me saves the date, the estimate can be adjusted throughout that time to accommodate the couples needs.

4. How do you price your floral arrangements? What are the different packages that you offer and which one is your most popular package?

I don't offer packages because floral design is a custom package. Everyone's needs are different. Pricing depends on flowers, the season, the quantity and the installment. I try and work with everyone's budget but I do require minimums in flowers to delivery and setup in certain locations.

5. How many meetings will you have with the couple, and how will they be involved?

Every couple is different , I do get a lot of out of state couples. Sometimes I don't get to meet them until the day of. Now that there is Zoom, things are a little different. I don't have a limit on how much we can talk or meet. I do like to start with an estimate to make sure we are a good fit and within budget. From there we can meet or Zoom. I like to meet the brides, It makes me feel like I get to know them better even if it's for 30 min.

We go over colors and design to make sure we both understand the vision. From there we can look at vases and layout, share thoughts and ideas and give advice on certain venues and what I have seen that looks good and works in that space.

6. Who else is in your team and how many people on your staff will be at the wedding?

Every wedding is different. So how many people help depends on the time and the process of the installment. Most the time it's two people that work together. I work a lot with my mom, she is retired and really enjoys helping.

7. How would you describe your design style? (e.g. traditional, modern, rustic, organic)

My design style I would say is modern and organic. I really try and follow what the couple envisions, but I know they hired me from past designs. Each year I try and do things a little different just to stay with what's new and what I like. I don't mind doing any other style. I've really started to like traditional again, its just so classic and simple.

8. Who will handle setup and delivery? What other services do you offer?

Setup and delivery depends on the wedding. How big and how hard the installment is. I do have a team that helps me. We do delivery, setup and we can stay to move items from the ceremony or to strike that night. Those two options do change in price depending on the event time. If strike is not needed any items that are used in the wedding like vases, need to be returned within 48 hours.

9. What happens to the flowers after the wedding?

When the wedding is done my hope is that everyone takes home all the flowers. I know that isn't always the case. I know some people will donate them to a retirement center or hospital. Unfortunately for a wedding flowers get pushed around. They aren't always put in water or they get stuck next to a heater. So the thought of living for a few more days isn't realistic. I hope that everyone gets to enjoy them while the wedding is happening and hopefully take some home. A new trend is dried arrangements!

10. What is your cancellation and/or refund policy?

I require a non refundable deposit. So if the couple were to cancel the deposit is non refundable. If they choose to reschedule they have one year to do so. All the details are outlined in the contract.



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