10 Questions with Derik Eisenreich

WeddingRule Interviewed one of the most popular and highly sought-after wedding DJs in California, Derik Eisenreich. Sacramento based Derik is the owner of Riptide Entertainment.

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10 Questions with Derik Eisenreich

1. Introduction: What's your story?

I'm Derik Eisenreich, owner and DJ at RIPTIDE ENTERTAINMENT. We are a customer-oriented entertainment company located in Sacramento, California. My journey in the music realm started in high school. While in the band, I started making mixtapes with a friend who had Turntables at his house. At the age of 16, I would DJ my first Halloween party for a friend’s family at school, and that set me off on my career that is still going to this day. I never really thought it would take me where it has or allowed me to meet some amazing people along the way.

2. What's your experience as a wedding DJ? How many weddings have you done?

In my 35 years of Wedding and DJ experience, I have had the pleasure of doing what I figure to be close to being 300-400 weddings easily! I have done 20-30 weddings a year on average and up to 45 on occasion. The best luck and experience I’ve had in my DJ career was also being a resident DJ and running Nightclubs for over 25 years. That learning and pressure with different people, genres of music, and corporate experience has served me well. I have also been lucky enough to have been asked to do weddings all over California and a few destination weddings. I have regular venues around Northern California that keep me busy.

3. How far in advance do couples need to book your services?

I regularly book at least a year out in advance. Dates shorter than a year in advance are very hit or miss. I do on occasion get to book 18-24 months out by clients. I definitely suggest to couples, that if you have a connection or really want your DJ/entertainment for your Big Day…….don’t wait. Book them now! I don’t think many couples realize how important the DJ is to a wedding. Budget is always a big part of every event. Money can get tight, but prioritize and talk with friends and family that may have gotten married recently and let them share some wisdom on what the experience was like. This is where reviews and shared experiences become SO important.

4. What's your rate? What does that include?

The investment in Riptide entertainment packages starts at $1795 for the initial 4 hours. Each additional hour is an additional $200 per hour. Everything needed for a complete wedding and ceremony is included. Full planning of the wedding, 2 sound systems for the ceremony and reception, LED dance lighting for a festive reception feel, and cordless microphones for the ceremony and speeches. I pride myself on building a package around the couple's vision for their special day. We also offer additional features as uplighting, and custom monograms, video projection, custom song creation, or whatever our clients request or allow us to create for them with their vision in mind.

5. Are you available to travel if needed?

We are widely preferred at many venues all over Northern California. We routinely are doing events from the Bay Area to Lake Tahoe. You also never know when you may find us down in San Diego or up in the Fort Bragg area. I actually consider it quite an honor when I have friends or other clients that call from out of state to have me travel to come to do their wedding.

6. How would you describe your style?

I'm very much a people person! One of my wedding planners says "DERIK is friends with all his clients!" I actually mold my "style" to the clients. That is why I really want to get to know my couples. I try and match my style to their personalities so that the reception has a party feel, without excluding anyone from kids to the grandparents. Now my music style is definitely a nightclub mixer style. I like to keep the flow of energy. Beat mixing all genres of music keeps the dance floor packed and faces smiling. I just love getting Grandma on the floor with some oldies and Motown and watching her keep going while she dances to a modern tune with a big smile on her face. Watching the floor and managing the flow is important for every event. Some will want to party all night, or some may like to break it up more often with slow songs as to not get too hot and sweaty while dressed up nice.

7. What's your backup plan if there's an equipment malfunction? Do you bring backup equipment?

Back up, back up, back up! We bring a trailer with multiple backup equipment for every part of our set-ups. It is also very important to have multiple backups of the music libraries. I utilize online and offline systems to make sure the music library system is always protected. Over the years, you learn to always plan for the unexpected.

8. What's your sick day policy?

Thankfully in the 35 years I have never missed an event or been sick causing me to miss an event. But, I have multiple back up DJ's on call that are ready to cover any wedding in the event I am ill and unable to perform. Knock on wood, that day has not happened as yet!

9. How do you motivate a shy crowd to dance? What do you do to motivate the crowd if nobody is dancing?

Experience teaches to prep a crowd for dancing. I build energy prior to open dancing. Playing music that is livelier and more energetic. Vocally you can use your voice to build energy as well. Talking to the crowd can loosen up a crowd and make them comfortable. When people feel comfortable they loosen up. I typically start dancing with music that everyone knows.....from parents, grandparents, etc. Older Pop, Motown, Oldies, etc are a good place to make everyone feel included and not alienate anyone at the beginning of a party/wedding. I also let my wedding couples know, that the party will follow them! Everyone wants to be where the Bride and Groom are. Stay positive and keep a smile on your face and that positivity will feed on to others.

10. What is your cancellation and/or refund policy?

Cancellations must be made at least 90 days prior to the event or the full balance is due. Cancellations made less than 60 days from the event are responsible for 50% of the remaining balance minus the non-refundable retainer/1st payment. Generally, if we are able to rebook the date, I will refund the balance paid if possible. All retainers are non-refundable.



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