Ladyfingers Catering: 10 Questions with Lea Rhea

10 Questions with Lea Rhea

WeddingRule Interviewed one of the most popular and highly sought-after wedding Caterers in Kentucky, Ladyfingers Catering. Louisville based Lea is the Director of Sales and Special Events at Ladyfingers Catering.

Ladyfingers Catering

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10 Questions with Lea Rhea

1. Introduction: What's your story?

Ladyfingers Catering has served our community for over 31 years and continues to work with clients to create unforgettable events that are sure to make a lasting impression. Ladyfingers Catering is a go-to caterer for weddings, serving over 200 weddings last year alone. Our Wedding Coordinators help plan and execute weddings almost every weekend with as many as eight in one day during the popular months. Having excellent leadership, amazing food, and a reliable team makes Ladyfingers Catering the best choice for your next event.

2. How many weddings have your done in the past?

Ladyfingers Catering is proud to be selected time and time again by local couples. Even during the last year of postponed events, weddings have never stopped. We work with families everyday to help plan their big day. We have catered 1,000s of weddings in our 31 years and have over 375 booked for this year alone.

3. Do you charge a bulk fee or cost per person? What are your rates like?

We offer several pre-made menus starting at $15.95 per person. We can also create custom menus to fit any budget or theme.

4. Do you have a static menu, or can you do a custom menu? And can you take care of various allergy/dietary requests?

Yes we offer several pre-made menus to help families start their planning, but we create custom menus for every event. We have several options for dietary requests and will work with our clients to create meals for all your guests.

5. What are your most popular dishes?

Some of our most proposal dishes include our Chicken and Waffle Skewer and Petite Hot Brown for appetizers. Guests always love our carved meats, included Beef Tenderloin or Roast Beef. Looking for chicken entrees? Rosemary Roasted Airline Chicken with Orange Buerre Blanc and Tuscan Grilled Airline Chicken with lemon herb Jus are both popular. As far as side dishes, our Country Green Beans with Ham and Kentucky Corn Pudding are perfect additions to your menu.

6. Do you provide linens, table settings, and accessories? If you don’t provide linens, table settings, etc., will you handle coordinating the rental?

Every full service event includes a full buffet with decor and theming to match your wedding. Lines, china dinnerware, water glasses are all available for rental with set up by our team.

7. Will food be made on-site or brought in?

All of our food is prepared in our commercial kitchen in Louisville and taken to any venue or location.

8. Are tastings available and what is involved?

We offer private tastings in our shop by appointment only and allow families to try a full menu, including appetizer, salad, entrees, and sides. We also offer Open House Tasting several times a year, free to all our wedding clients.

9. Who else is in your team and how many people on your staff will be at the wedding?

We have a wedding coordinator that will be your person contact for all your wedding details. Then our full team will be available to staff and execute your wedding. Depending on the size of your wedding determiners how many staff members attend, but you will always have a supervisor to handle all your day of details.

10. What is your cancellation and/or refund policy?

We work with all our families to reschedule or refund if possible. To book your date we require a $150 non-refundable deposit and then additional payments are not needed until 30 days out.



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