Baltimore, MD

Shayna Hardy Photography is one of the most sought after boudoir photography companies to be found in the greater metropolitan area of Baltimore and beyond, a perfect resource for local women hoping to capture themselves in an intimate boudoir setting. Shayna Hardy Photography offers all-inclusive packages with services available including a pre-session consultation to establish a mutual language for the upcoming pto session, hair and makeup services provided by amazing on-site artists, the photo filled with pose guidance and encouragement, an ordering session to pick the very best photos, and the delivery and installation of any specific wall art items that are purchased.

Address: Baltimore, MD

Phone: 443-686-9569

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Look no further than The Confidence Sessions for a boudoir experience that is exactly as the name of this photography outlet would imply: a confidence-boosting experience allowing for self-love and self reflection throughout the photography time. The Confidence Sessions can create boudoir photography experiences for which women do not need to lose any weight or change their appearance in any way, though there is an option for hair and makeup styling to brighten and highlight the very best existing features of a woman’s physical form. After the session, photos can be delivered through an easily-accessible online gallery.

Address: Baltimore, MD

Phone: 410-718-9699

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Contact : Ruthie

Barry Freeman Photography is a Baltimore-based boudoir photographer with tons of experience when it comes to the craft of boudoir shoots that embrace the aspects of womanhood that involve intimacy, sensuality, body positivity, and empowerment. Barry Freeman Photography offers a wide-ranging set of skills and crafts, including boudoir shoots that are accompanied by the high fashion instincts of professional photographer Barry Freeman himself. With a history of working with some of the biggest names in the fashion industry, Barry Freeman Photography is a fantastic choice of boudoir photographer in and around Baltimore.

Address: 208 S Pulaski St, Baltimore, MD 21223

Phone: 410-630-6941

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