Boudoir By Noel is a professional boudoir photographer with a private studio available for your empowering and sexy boudoir photo session. She and her all-female glam and hype team will have you loving your time in front of the camera.  When you choose Noel as your photographer, you are getting a custom experience that includes a boudoir prep and lingerie guide, plus wardrobe and styling assistance. She offers photo packages for women and couples that come with professional hair and makeup, 2-3 outfit changes, and access to their expansive wardrobe with a wide variety of styles and sizes. Browse through her gallery of past photoshoots to get an idea of what you can experience. If you like what you see, book a consultation with Boudoir By Noel today. 

Address: 1200 Foster St NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

Phone: 850-356-4833

Facebook: Boudoir By Noel

Instagram: Boudoir By Noel

Contact : Noel Nichols

OWN Boudoir Studio specializes in boudoir photography that captures each women’s own beauty. Sarah loves working with women from all walks of life and photographs them in a way that has them falling in love with themselves. With over ten years of boudoir experience, she knows the best tips and tricks for making you feel relaxed and love being in front of the camera. Her photo packages are custom to each client she works with and can include a couple’s shoot. Plus, you can choose to come to her private studio or pick a favorite location of your own.  Browse through her gallery to see some of her past work, then book an appointment today with OWN Boudoir Studio.

Address: Atlanta, GA

Phone: 256-474-5804

Facebook: OWN Boudoir Studio

Instagram: OWN Boudoir Studio

Contact : Sarah

Boudoir by Ria is a boudoir photographer helping empower women of all races, sizes, and ages. She loves working with all women and helping them along their journey of self-love and expression. Her photo experience is all about pampering you and providing a luxury boudoir experience. She and her all-female team will have you looking your absolute best from head to toe. Don’t worry if you feel nervous. She will be your ultimate hype girl to help you relax and enjoy being in front of the camera. For an unforgettable boudoir experience that you will love, schedule a consultation today with Boudoir by Ria and start a new journey toward loving yourself for who you are.

Address: 364 Nelson St SW, Atlanta, GA 30313

Phone: 678-379-8046

Facebook: Boudoir by Ria

Instagram: Boudoir by Ria

Contact : Ria

My Boudoir Atlanta is a boudoir photographer with an emphasis on positive body image, self-love, and pro-sexual and emotional health. With over ten years of experience, Kaia loves to work with women of all sizes, shapes, and colors to help them express themselves and feel empowered in their own bodies. Her private studio is spacious and welcoming and the perfect spot to celebrate your inherent beauty.  Check out her expansive portfolio of past work to get an idea of her shooting style. If you love what you see, book a consultation today with My Boudoir Atlanta for a one-of-a-kind empowering boudoir experience. 

Address: 2008 Penelope St NW, Atlanta, GA 30314

Phone: 404-465-3889

Facebook: My Boudoir Atlanta

Instagram: My Boudoir Atlanta

Contact : Kaia Lola

Couture Boudoir is an international female photographer specializing in intimate photography for women. She loves working with women and helping them realize how gorgeous they really are. Her boudoir collections include her exclusive beauty guide, plus hair and makeup, wardrobe consultation, pose coaching and a private online gallery of your images after your shoot date. Your session will be like a fashion shoot with many outfit changes and plenty of pampering to make sure you love your experience. Check out some of her before and after photos, along with her boudoir gallery. If you love what you see, schedule your consultation with Couture Boudoir today.

Address: Atlanta, GA

Phone: 704-777-7707

Facebook: Couture Boudoir

Instagram: Couture Boudoir

Contact : Critsey Rowe

Melissa Lynne Couture Photography is a lifestyle photographer that provides a one-of-a-kind photo experience for the modern woman. Her images are captivating, alluring, and sexy and will help you feel empowered and loving your body. They offer a custom boudoir experience where they will go over your ideas with you and fine-tune them to get everything you want out of your photo experience. Each session includes professional hair and makeup to match your style, help with wardrobe selection, and a private viewing session 3-4 weeks after your shoot date. Check out her boudoir gallery and book an appointment with Melissa Lynne Couture Photography today to begin planning your empowering boudoir photo session.

Address: Atlanta, GA

Phone: 470-588-7209

Facebook: Melissa Lynne Couture Photography

Instagram: Melissa Lynne Couture Photography

Contact : Melissa & Raven

Nova Boudoir specializes in empowering women from all walks of life through boudoir photography. Her studio is the perfect location to be pampered while celebrating a special occasion or wanting to surprise that special person in your life. Whether you want a soft and romantic look or dark and edgy, she will take your ideas and create a custom package perfect for your style and budget. Photo packages include professional hair and makeup, refreshments, and a wardrobe guide. Your photo session can include two or more outfit changes depending on your needs. Take a peek at some of her past work and book a consultation today with Nova Boudoir.

Address: Atlanta, GA

Phone: 404-855-0646

Facebook: Nova Boudoir

Instagram: Nova Boudoir

Contact : Vania

Rebel Boudoir loves working with women and helping them feel empowered through boudoir photography. With years of experience working in Atlanta, she knows how to help you feel relaxed in front of the camera, so your natural beauty comes out in every image. Her boudoir sessions come with professional hair and makeup and access to her REBEL closet, light snacks and drinks, and a private viewing session after your shoot. She also includes extras like beautiful albums and wall art to display your images, including a fun vintage viewfinder and reel. Book a consultation today with Rebel Boudoir if you feel she is the best fit for your style and budget. 

Address: 1206 Martin Luther King Jr DR SW, Atlanta, GA 30314

Facebook: Rebel Boudoir

Instagram: Rebel Boudoir

Contact : Jilian

Meagan O Photography is a boudoir photographer that specializes in high-end, classy boudoir photography for women of all ages. She knows how nervewracking preparing for a boudoir shoot can be and will do everything she can to make sure you are relaxed and have a blast while posing for her. Her photo packages are custom to each woman she works with and typically last 4-5 hours and can include 3-4 wardrobe changes. Plus, you can view your photos within one week’s time after your shoot date. Check out her galleries and before and after photos to see her in action, then book an appointment with Meagan O Photography today to begin planning a fun and empowering boudoir session.

Address: 828 Ralph McGill Blvd, Atlanta, GA 30306

Phone: 678-953-2616

Facebook: Meagan O Photography

Instagram: Meagan O Photography

Contact : Meagan

Paperdolls Boudoir offers fashion-inspired boudoir photography that specializes in helping women look and feel gorgeous. She loves working with women and helping them feel empowered and beautiful while making them feel completely relaxed in front of the camera. Each session comes with her prep guide and 90 minutes of shooting time. You are welcome to choose your own hair and makeup artist or use one of her trusted professionals. She will also help you with wardrobe selection and posing so you look your absolute best. Check out her boudoir slideshow and book an appointment today if you feel Paperdolls Boudoir is the best choice for your style and budget.  

Address: 3235 Roswell Rd #610, Atlanta, GA 30305

Phone: 404-374-4461

Instagram: Paperdolls Boudoir

Contact : Dawn

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Choosing a boudoir photographer is a very personal decision. You want someone you can feel relaxed around as they take you through each step of the process. This is a special time, and you want to enjoy every moment. Each one of these top boudoir photographers in Atlanta, GA, specializes in helping women feel relaxed in front of the camera. They know how nervewracking this experience can be and will do everything they can to ensure you enjoy your experience and your photos capture your true beauty and power. Book a consultation today with your favorite boudoir photographer and begin planning a fun and empowering boudoir photo session.

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